NEW! Super reeve Connector Swivel Socket

Smart development of a conventional concept

At Ropeblock, we enjoy developing new products. Obviously, because it allows us to differentiate ourselves as Smart Engineers. But we do not develop products for the sake of it; we always react to specific market requirements. This also explains why you will not find any average salespeople in Ropeblock's commercial team. We all have a strong technical background, which allows us to contribute ideas and discuss all aspects of the challenges faced by our customers.

Our new Super reeve Connector Swivel Socket (SCS-SW) is a striking example of a recent development in which I was personally involved. This product is the result of further development of our patented Super reeve Connector Socket (SCS), which has proven itself in the field during the past eight years. In this new design, we have added an integral swivel.


The customer’s challenge

The reason why a swivel is used so often in the dead end is that it reduces the torsional forces acting on this area, which are caused by factors such as the fleet angle at the sheaves. These torsional forces can cause significant damage to the cable, leading to crane downtime or even unsafe situations. A loose socket and a loose swivel are often used for cranes. However, one of our customers, a tower crane manufacturer, wanted to take a different approach. This customer was looking for a combined solution which would offer higher efficiency in addition to a shorter overall length. The wedge sockets currently used by this crane manufacturer achieve an efficiency of 80% to 90%. The Super reeve Connector Swivel socket tops that by achieving an efficiency of 100%. What’s more, we succeeded in substantially reducing the overall length by integrating the swivel in the socket.

Shorter overall length, less torsion

Our new Super reeve Connector Swivel Socket offers a host of practical benefits for many crane types. The shorter overall length optimises the hoisting height, meaning that our solution is ideal for hoisting inside buildings and in other situations where hoisting height is critical. In addition, integrating a swivel increases safety as the torsional forces referred to previously are reduced significantly in comparison to situations where only a socket is used.

Cost-effective and widely applicable

The fact that we have based our solution on patented and proven technology is a further important benefit. As a result we were able to minimise the development costs. On balance, our new product is a more cost-effective solution than the conventional combination of separate swivels and sockets. Furthermore, we have designed the SCS-SW as a universal product that can be relatively easily adapted to all types of crane. This makes this new product suitable for both end-users and OEMs, in all possible industries and applications.


All in all, our Super reeve Connector Swivel Socket (SCS-SW) is a solution that is smarter than the conventional alternatives in every aspect. Our new product is offered in a range of sizes, which match those of the existing Super Reeve Connector Socket (SCS). This fantastic innovation will shortly be available from stock. We will keep you informed of progress!

Twan Stevelink, Sales Engineer