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Established in 1994, Ropeblock is a globally renowned developer and manufacturer of lifting and rigging hardware. In a no-risk, first time right industry we stand out by our thorough and overall Smart Engineering approach.

Market leading crane manufacturers as well as large end-users call upon our expertise to meet the specific challenges they are faced with. Our products are used in critical equipment such as mobile cranes, port cranes, ship cranes, offshore cranes and platforms, dredging equipment, pendant structures, mooring systems and in the heavy industry.

Our Smart Engineering approach − an overall corporate philosophy, really − is aimed at creating benefits for our customers and, in turn, their customers. Our engineers are constantly pushing the envelope in terms of product design, materials, finishing, production methods, applications, and certification requirements. Besides functionality, our products are designed for smooth production and assembly. Consistent quality is assured by our ISO 9001 QMS, and Ropeblock products can be supplied with any certificate/document you desire or require.



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