Bread and butter

Our media items tend to cover the most extreme engineering projects. The fact of the matter is, however, that our bread and butter and much valued business is OEM crane blocks, overhaul balls, sheaves and swivels. This and other co-developed lifting gear incorporate the know-how we have accumulated over the past 27+ years and will always be the solid foundation for our company. The same goes for the peerless scope of options we offer for wire rope termination.

A firm foundation for further exploits
We count ourselves lucky to have such a firm foundation. Furthermore, we are grateful for being allowed time and time again to address more complex projects in heavy lift, marine and offshore, drilling, dredging, mining and infrastructure. This bread and butter basis, combined with close cooperation with our clients, has allowed us to learn, develop and produce many industry firsts. They are the leading design concepts used for such applications as seen in the market today. Whether more commodity type patented socket solutions, hook optimization, DryLube sheaves, or bespoke, smart engineered and efficient solutions, we always aim to provide genuine added value for our clients.

Developing, engineering and manufacturing with and for you is what we live for.
In the end, what matters is your efficiency!