Two 3 meter lead sheaves
for Saipem


Saipem recently upgraded their world-class ultra-deep water pipelaying and heavy lift vessel Constellation for a specific offshore project. For this job Ropeblock was delighted to supply two complexly positioned lead sheaves. These cast 3m diameter sheaves accommodate passage of the impressive 135mm wire rope that is part of the 600t A&R system aboard the vessel.

Intensive co-engineering with Saipem staff allowed to adapt the designs to hull limitations, existing equipment and third-party requirements. All successfully, despite Covid-19 restrictions.

Ropeblock engineered effective solutions together with our welding partner.
By then close cooperation with all stakeholders, the project team was able to come up with a highly efficient fit for Saipem's needs using also our DryLube sheaves.

Smart Engineering

Ropeblock’s leading market position is primarily due to a carefully thought-out way of doing things. On one hand we translate extensive engineering experience, nourished by trusted partnerships with customers and suppliers, into superior product design. On the other we deploy clever manufacturing and supply chain management processes to ensure (cost) efficient production. All along the way we refuse to make any compromise in terms of safety and quality. This entire approach can be summarized with a term that says it all − Smart Engineering. It’s bound to work for you as well.

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