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Ropeblock recently received several commissions for designing and supplying riser pull-in sheaves for Tension Leg Platforms (TLP’s). These platforms will be deployed for the oil drilling industry in the Gulf of Mexico.

To comply with the customer’s weight minimization requirements, we used cast rope sheaves.  Sheaves and frames were specifically designed for long-term subsea use.

In addition, we used low-maintenance bearings treated with a seawater resistant lubricant. To further reduce weight and diminish the effects of the current, the surface of a number of frames and sheaves was kept to a minimum. 

Smart Engineering

Ropeblock’s leading market position is primarily due to a carefully thought-out way of doing things. On one hand we translate extensive engineering experience, nourished by trusted partnerships with customers and suppliers, into superior product design. On the other we deploy clever manufacturing and supply chain management processes to ensure (cost) efficient production. All along the way we refuse to make any compromise in terms of safety and quality. This entire approach can be summarized with a term that says it all − Smart Engineering. It’s bound to work for you as well.

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